This year, we were able to increase health funding for the first time since the economic crash and more nurses and health professionals are now being hired. I personally devised the scheme for free GP care for children under 6 – now being extended to under 11s – as a first step towards free GP care for all.

As a former Minister of State for Primary Care, I believe we need a sharper focus on community health care, including mental health services. That’s why we’re going to add over 100 new primary care centres to the 43 we’ve opened since 2011. We’ve also extended BreastCheck to women over 65.

Dublin Rathdown has benefitted directly through the purchase and re-opening of Mount Carmel as a community hospital.
The Government has already provided almost 1,150 mental health posts, strengthened community mental health teams, and provided the largest capital investment programme in mental health for 100 years.


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