Statement by Alex White

Labour Party Candidate, Dublin European Parliament election.

22 May 2019


For A Better Dublin, In a Fairer Europe – Vote 1 Alex White on Friday.

Speaking at the final media event of the election campaign with Labour Party Leader, Brendan Howlin, Alex White said,

“There are two stark visions of the future of Europe before voters of all 28 states this weekend.  One vision is proud of the achievements of the EU and has a belief in its potential to deliver for citizens in the critical decade before us.

“The other vision is a destructive, negative view peddled by Brexiteers and populists of the far right and the far left.  They portray Europe as an enemy to be fought, an institution to be torn down.  Its ultimate goal is to disrupt and destroy the European Union.    I am glad that this view is rejected by the vast majority of Dubliners.

“I am proud to represent a Party that has a positive, progressive vision of Europe and Ireland.  I am campaigning for a Europe that works in solidarity and collaboration to tackle the critical global issues of our times – such as the climate emergency, the housing crisis and the future of work.

“These issues require a European response. ‘Ourselves alone’ isn’t an option anymore.

“Our vision of Europe has to focus on the potential of the European Union to achieve progressive change that benefits all citizens.  Solidarity and a shared sense of purpose has been at the heart of the European Union since its foundation, and it is needed now more than ever.

“The critical task for the parliament over the next five years is to ensure that the values of a social Europe drive the agenda.  A Europe of the markets won’t work for citizens.  Indeed, it will only fuel the corrosive populism that is all too apparent.  For Europe to be legitimate and relevant it needs to solve the issues of climate, housing and sustainability that impact so many of its citizens.

“I want to represent Dublin in the European parliament because I believe in positive, progressive change.  I want to play a part in building a better Europe and a better Dublin.  That requires experience, it requires judgement and it requires political values.  I believe I have all three and that is why I am asking for your vote on May 24th.


A Creative City, A Liveable City, A Modern European City

Speaking today at the launch of his Vision for Dublin, Labour’s European candidate Alex White said, “Dublin is a great city: diverse, open and tolerant. But there is also inequality, poor infrastructure and a lack of vision for the future. That needs to change.

“Decisions taken in the European Parliament over the next five years will impact greatly on our city and on the people who make it their home.

“This is a critical time for our city and for Europe as a whole.  I want to serve all the people of Dublin in the European Parliament upholding the values of respect, tolerance and equality.

“I have a clear vision for Dublin – where everyone has a secure home, where we cherish our precious environment, and where citizens have a real say in how their city develops. Europe has to play a part in realising this vision.”

Alex and supporters cycled from Sutton to Sandycove today to promote Alex’s Vision for Dublin.

The route tracks the long-delayed S2S route which would see a Dublin Bay walking and cycling greenway from Sutton to Sandycove.  Building accessible, safe walking and cycling routes across Dublin is just one aspect of Alex’s vision for Dublin which also includes:

  • Combating climate change through actions such as EU support for energy insulation of homes, schools and public buildings, eliminating single-use plastic and supporting a deposit scheme on plastic bottles.
  • Tackling inequalities and disadvantage with EU matching funding for building social homes and the renewal of EU anti-poverty programmes.
  • Protecting workers’ rights in the 21st century ‘gig economy’, banning the bogus self-employment scam, ensuring workers have the right to greater flexibility in working hours – particularly families with young children and those caring for relatives.
  • Promoting Dublin as a Creative City by campaigning for an EU wide minimum payment for creative work on tech streaming channels and utilising vacant spaces to showcase the work of artists throughout the city, along the lines of the ‘Meanwhile Spaces’ initiative.
  • Better governance and citizen engagement in planning our city’s future through a directly-elected Mayor for Dublin and by establishing Citizen Assemblies to input into areas such as transport, culture and food security.

Alex White was critical of Fine Gael for ignoring Dublin’s need for a directly-elected Mayor with power and the resources to back it up.

“Dublin needs a directly-elected Mayor, with responsibility for the whole metropolitan area, as in other European cities of comparable size and complexity.  However, the Government has ignored this vital reform.  On May 24th citizens of Limerick, Cork and Waterford get the opportunity to decide on this issue – but Dublin has been ignored.  It is absurd that the needs of the capital city have been dismissed.  Modern European cities need modern governance and Dublin’s need for reform can’t be sidelined.”


Minister Alex White, Labour TD for Dublin South has welcomed the latest CSO figures which show that the number of people signing on the Live Register in Nutgrove has dropped by 10.6% between August 2013 and August 2014, while the Live Register has also fallen by 7.7% in Dún Laoghaire in the same period.

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“Community and Voluntary sectors providing key role in helping to bridge the digital divide”

Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources, Alex White, has today invited applications from community, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations for grants to assist with the cost of providing internet training for citizens and communities.

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Minister Alex White, Labour TD for Dublin South, has warmly welcomed the opening of a new all-weather pitch at Marlay Park. The Minister attended the official opening of the new pitch, on Wednesday April 23rd, alongside the manager of the Republic of Ireland national soccer team, Martin O’Neill and local colleagues Cllr. Lettie McCarthy and Cathaoirleach Carrie Smyth.

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