We can continue to have a strong economy with a fair tax and benefit system that sees everyone gain from the recovery. During five difficult years we have protected the weakest, fixed a wrecked economy, regained our sovereignty, and begun to restore incomes and living standards for workers, pensioners and families.

With Labour in Government, we exited the bailout and regained our economic sovereignty. Our successful renegotiation of Troika arrangements and interest rates saved taxpayers over €10 billion and reduced Ireland’s borrowing requirement by over €40 billion.

Today we have the fastest growing economy in Europe and our deficit has been drastically reduced. Unemployment is at its lowest level for seven years, incomes are rising, the nation’s finances are largely restored, and we are investing in public services again.

We’ve increased the minimum wage by 20% and eased the tax burden on low and middle-income families. We protected core social welfare rates during the worst of the economic crisis, and now we’re increasing child benefit, carers’ support, and pensions – and we’re introducing two weeks’ paid paternity leave for dads this year.

If I am re-elected, I will continue to prioritise economic stability and work to ensure that the fruits of our jobs-led recovery continue to be shared fairly.


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