I was honoured to lead Labour’s marriage equality campaign, working with civil society organisations to deliver an historic referendum result. I also delivered the X Case legislation and negotiated in the coalition to ensure that it finally became law after 20 years of effort.

My party led the amendment of the Employment Equality Act to outlaw discrimination against school staff on the basis of their sexuality.

I’m also proud to have been a member of a Government that has taken action to protect whistle-blowers, limit corporate political donations, overhaul public appointments, strengthen the Dáil, and shine a light on political lobbying. The Government recently changed Dáil rules so that, in future, the Ceann Comhairle will be elected by secret ballot.
I passionately believe that the momentum for social and political reform must continue – starting with a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment.

If I’m re-elected I will champion continued investment in education, including special needs education and pre-school opportunities. And I will continue to work for equal access to local schools for local children, regardless of their religion.


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