Greens reduced to a circus act

When our colleague Senator Deirdre de Búrca resigned from the House last week, she stated one matter of great concern to her former colleagues, namely that the Green Party was having rings run around it by Fianna Fáil. We did not have long to wait to witness precisely what Senator de Búrca was upset about.

We have the spectacle of a Government, senior members of which claim to have confidence in the Minister in the other House, but others that do not have that confidence here.

What possible credibility could attach to any Government, the senior members of which appear not to be able to make up their minds in respect of confidence in a senior, experienced Minister in the Cabinet? We are aware Deputy Paul Gogarty has a background in circus performances but it would appear now the entire Green Party has reduced itself to a circus act. It takes one view in the other House and another view here. It is a matter of grave, considerable moment that should be debated in the House. I defer to Senator Fitzgerald’s proposal to give notice of a motion she intends to raise but this matter should be dealt with urgently today.

Senator Boyle stated in the newspaper, through twitter or whatever this morning that there would be several more chapters to this story. These chapters should unfold now in the interests of the people and the credibility of this Government, which is rapidly disappearing.