‘Lisbon information meeting in Loreto, Rathfarnham’

Last night, the second in our series of three meetings on the Lisbon Treaty took place at Loreto Community Centre, Nutgrove. I was extremely impressed with the turnout, which resulted in extra chairs having to be found so that everyone had a seat!

I was joined by Blair Horan of the CPSU and by Holly Kilroy, International Officer of Labour Youth.

I began the meeting by telling the audience that a vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty will mean a strong Ireland on the European stage and a strong EU on the world stage.

“The Lisbon Treaty is not going to sort everything. But there is enough in this document for people to vote Yes on June 12th.

“The No side are rolling out arguments that have been rehashed from debates we’ve had since we voted to join the EEC in 1972. Any arguments that the EU has left items out of this treaty in order to push it through is plain wrong.”

Holly admitted to the audience that she had come to the meeting the day after her Final Exams in College; such is the strength of her support for the Lisbon Treaty.

“Passing this Treaty will guarantee the rights that Labour has fought for,” she said. “The Charter of Fundamental Rights contains some vital rights that will only become legally enforceable if Ireland votes Yes. This even includes a prohibition on discrimination, which is a massive step for the EU to take.”

Blair told the crowd that any fears that Ireland is ‘surrendering’ to a United States of Europe should be dismissed.

“We live in a different century now. If one looks at the history of Europe, the 20th Century saw the absolute devastation of Europe through two World Wars, genocide and instability. The EU is a guarantee of stability. If Ireland was on its own in the current economic climate, our unemployment would be through the roof and our currency would be devastated.”

In a Question and Answer session at the end of the meeting there was a surprising number of questions on the Lisbon Treaty and its possible link to abortion and euthanasia being brought in to Ireland.

“It is untrue to say that Ireland will be forced to bring in abortion and euthanasia” I said.

“There are many untruths out in the public mind and it is our job to separate the truth from the myth.”

  • The final Information meeting on the Lisbon Treaty takes place this Thursday, 15 May in Kiely’s, Mount Merrion. It is a public meeting and begins at 8pm. Everyone is welcome.