Stop NAMA Protest - Wednesday 1pm

Stop NAMAIf you are free this Wednesday 16th September please come along to Labour’s STOP NAMA Protest at 1pm outside Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2. We want as many people as possible to join Labour’s TDs, Senators and activists to oppose NAMA.

The Labour Party has been consistent in our opposition to the NAMA plan since it was first mooted by Fianna Fail. Our banking system has been brought to its knees by the rampant greed and speculation of our banks and developers. Together with Fianna Fail they make up a ‘toxic triangle’ that has destroyed our economy, sending Ireland into the deepest, and maybe even the longest, economic depression of any advanced economy since the Second World War.

There is the real danger under the NAMA plan that the government will end up paying grossly inflated prices for properties, placing a financial millstone around not just the current generation of taxpayers, but possible the next generation also.

I know that it is a working day and that not everyone will be available, but I am appealing to you to turn out on Wednesday. Let your family, friends and work colleagues know that it is on. Encourage them to turn out. Use word of mouth, email, text messages – whatever you can do.

Help us make this demonstration a success and it will greatly increase the pressure on Fianna Fail and the Green Party to abandon this plan. NAMA must be stopped.