Educate Together Announced as Patron for New Dublin South Secondary School

Alex White, Labour TD for Dublin South, has welcomed the announcement that a new secondary school in Dublin South will be under the patronage of Educate Together.

“Educate Together operate multi-denominational, co-educational schools that are open to every child. The proposed, new secondary school will accommodate for an additional 1,000 student places.”

“I’m delighted that progress is being made in delivering a new secondary school for the Dublin South constituency. With a growing young population, it’s positive to see that steps are being taken to expand South Dublin’s second level education infrastructure.

“Identifying a patron is an important early step in building a new school. I’m pleased that the new secondary school will be under the patronage of Educate Together. This will provide a further diversity of ethos for students. It also reflects the desire of parents in South Dublin to have a greater choice when it comes to deciding which school most reflects their own ethos.

“I look forward to the next stage of the development of the new school which will involve Educate Together and the Department of Education securing a site for the new, multi-denominational secondary school.

“Educate Together was formally recognised as a second level patron body by my colleague Minister Ruairi Quinn two years ago. I commend his hard work in ensuring diversity of ethos for our new schools and also his ongoing investment in primary and second level education.”