Mount Carmel Hospital Should be used as a Rehab Centre for the Elderly

Since the closure of Mount Carmel Hospital, there has been considerable speculation about the use of the facilities in the future.

I am very keen on the idea that Mount Carmel Hospital could become a step down facility or a short term transitional facility for older persons as there is a distinct demographic pressure on the existing support and rehabilitation services for elderly patients in Dublin South.

With 17,543 people or 12% of the Dublin South population aged 65 and over – there is real merit in the idea that the HSE would explore the possibility of additional transitional support and rehabilitation services.

Such services would help older people retain their independence and recover from episodic bouts of injury and illness. If a patient’s discharge from hospital is properly supported, the patient will leave hospital safely and sooner and will be less likely to be readmitted to hospital.

On a personal level and as a local TD, I too was saddened by the news that Mount Carmel had been placed in liquidation. Ideally, the Mount Carmel campus will be renewed as a health facility that could serve the local community long into the future.