Let’s Win Labour’s Future Together

Alex White SIPTU

My Final Campaign Message to Labour Members

Dear Member,

The new Leader of the Labour Party will be announced this Friday after an energising election process. I’d like to thank you and the many members who have engaged with this process whether by attending a husting, sharing your views or casting your vote.

As I travelled across the country, members spoke frankly and honestly with me about the task at hand if our party is to renew itself. This election has been an opportunity for us all to reflect on what the Labour Party means to us, and what we need to do now in order to restore our standing in the eyes of the people.

Regardless of who is elected Leader or Deputy-Leader on Friday, our Party will face the same challenges. If we are to succeed in Government, if we are to advance as a progressive political force and if we are to succeed in our mission of creating a social democratic Ireland, it is essential that we renew our core principles and reshape our organisation.

The next period for our Party will be crucial. Our past achievements do not guarantee us our future. We have to win that future. We all have a role to play in that effort and I will be honoured to play my part.

I trust you will join me in that effort.

Thank you,