Getting More People Back to Work in 2015.

Getting more people back to work is a top priority for 2015. This infographic will give you a snapshot on the progress we made nationally in 2014. Locally, I was pleased to see a 17.3% drop in the number of under-25s on the live register at Nutgrove Social Welfare Office in the past year.

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Yesterday, the Government held a special meeting on jobs and agreed to a range of measures to ensure the delivery of three key employment targets ahead of schedule:

  • Ensuring 40,000 additional jobs in 2015, which, when combined with the 80,000 new jobs already created since the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs, will ensure the Government’s original target of 100,000 new jobs by 2016 is beaten
  • Ensuring unemployment falls below 10% this year, ahead of forecasts when the Government took office
  • Delivering full employment [2.1 million jobs] in 2018, two years earlier than anticipated.