Alex White hails St. John of God’s money – saving energy efforts

MX2I visited St John of God in Stillorgan last week (Friday 8th January) to congratulate staff and management on their energy efficiency programme, which cut the hospital’s energy bills by almost a fifth last year.

The hospital undertook lighting, heating and boiler plant upgrades with the help of a €25,000 grant from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). The SEAI develops and implements energy efficiency programmes on behalf of my department.

The work done at St John of God is a magnificent example of the energy-conscious action that will help Ireland tackle climate change by becoming a low-carbon society. The Energy White Paper, which I published last month, placed a huge emphasis on energy efficiency in public buildings, homes, communities and businesses. That’s because all of us have a part to play in saving our planet from the effects of global warming.