Budget 2015 - Minister White’s Budget Debate Speech

Budget 2015 - Alex White’s Budget Debate Speech

Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

Labour TD for Dublin South

Dáil Éireann, October 15th 2014, 5.45pm


 Budget 2015 is the first recovery Budget. The era of tax rises affecting low and middle income earners and cuts in public services is now over. Budget 2015 will help secure employment and a sustainable economic and social recovery for Ireland and our people. Its reliefs are targeted at low and middle income earners, especially families who have borne such a heavy financial burden over the last number of years.

We said that austerity would not last forever and that our collective effort would not be in vain. It is a testament to the resilience of the Irish people and the sacrifices they have made, that we are now entering a period of progress and recovery.

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