Ericsson job losses shocking news for workers and Dublin South

The announcement by the telecoms firm Ericsson that it is to lay off 300 workers at its plant in Clonskeagh is terrible personal news for the employees concerned and yet more bad news for the Irish economy

I am calling on the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment to ask the industrial development agencies to give priority to the search for a replacement enterprise for this area.

This is the latest instalment in what has seemed like an endless saga of bad news on the jobs front this week.

Because of the huge increase in the numbers on the live register those who are to be laid off will face huge difficulties in finding alternative employment.

The reality for the economy is that the loss of 300 more jobs will mean additional expenditure of €3.465m in direct social welfare payments and the loss of almost €2.4m in taxation.

It is not the problems in the public finances that are causing the job losses. It is the rate of job losses that is contributing to the huge hole in public finances.

If the job losses continue at their current rate not only will our economic crisis worsen, but it will lead to significant social problems.

The government has to treat the jobs crisis with the seriousness it deserves. The emphasis has to change from cutting services to promoting economic growth and job creation.