Alex White TD Welcomes Proposals for Fairer Schools Admissions

Dublin South TD, Alex White has welcomed the proposals by the Minister for Education and Skills to make admissions policies in primary and secondary schools fairer, and more student and parent-friendly.

“Reforms to make the enrolment system of schools more equitable for children and parents will include ending lengthy waiting lists and banning the practice of seeking money in order to secure a place at a school. There will also be a limit of 25% on the number of past pupils’ children that a school may enrol in any school year.

“Also, interviews of parents or children ahead of enrolments will no longer be allowed. Under the proposals, there will be a simplified school-level arrangement for enrolment appeals to avoid parents needing to take expensive legal action against a school. Under these proposals, schools will continue to be allowed to prioritise places for siblings of an existing or former student.

“I’m acutely aware from Constituents’ representations of the challenges many children face in gaining acceptance to the school of their choice. Regrettably, some schools put barriers in place that put children at a disadvantage – especially those who may have special needs, be new to our locality, or are from an economically deprived background.

“I’m delighted that these proposals will ensure that each child is treated equally when they apply for a place in a school – that’s the least our children deserve.”