€150,000 Investment In Public Transport Projects for Dublin South

I warmly welcome the recent allocation of €150,000 in Government grants to sustainable transport projects in Dublin South.  €100,000 of this money will go towards the design of a primary cycle route from Hillcrest Road in Sandyford along the Drummartin/Clonskeagh Route to Dublin City, including connections to and through UCD Belfield.  Meanwhile, a further €50,000 will be spent on the completion of the design for improved pedestrian access into Dundrum Town Centre from Balally LUAS stop.  This will include improvements to Dundrum Road, and connections to Wychkam Way.

This is yet another good example of the targeted and practical use of public funds to enhance the day-to-day life of people in our communities.

These projects will encourage more and more people to walk or cycle to work, school or the shops.  This not only has incredible health benefits, but also helps ease traffic congestion and pollution. Reducing traffic and improving infrastructure so people can walk or cycle means healthier societies and nicer environments for us to live and work in.

The investment in the Sandyford to City Centre cycle route will also go some way to improving safety for cyclists on the route, particularly those commuting to the City Centre and students attending UCD.