Dublin South TD, Alex White has welcomed the Government agreement for a new, national postcode system to be rolled out by 2015.

Each home in the country will receive a unique seven-character code, meaning that Ireland will be the first country in the world to have a public database of unique identifiers for all properties.

“This has been long promised and I want to commend Minister Rabbitte for concluding this in Government. Our postal system has needed modernising, as up to 30% of all domestic addresses are not unique. With the new post-code system, addresses will be far easier to locate.

“Many people use sat-nav and drivers will now be able to insert the new postcode into their devices rather than a lengthy address. This will make life considerably easier for our emergency services and especially ambulance drivers who need to get to specific locations quickly in order to save lives.

“The Postcode will be a seven character code in the format D16 B2CD. In South Dublin, existing postal districts will appear as the first three characters of the new postcode. For example, a house currently located in Dublin 16 will have a new postcode beginning with D16.

“Householders will be informed of their postcode in early 2015 and will be able to use it from then on.

“The new system, which will be operational in Spring 2015, will bring Ireland in line with other European countries where postcode systems have been the norm for many decades.”