Cakes and Kids

I spent a leisurely hour on Friday morning at the Whitechurch Parish  Cake sale and coffee morning jointly hosted by the Whitechurch Parish Mother & Toddler and Whitechurch Parish ‘Drop in’ Centre. Whitechurch parish church is located on a narrow, tree lined road, in a part of the constituency that retains its rural feel.  This rural feel was evident in the warm welcome we received and general feeling of high energy about the place. For the record, I came away with a cheese loaf, six chocolate éclairs, an apple tart, a madeira cake and a bag of homemade doughnuts.  A decent haul of goodies but not all for me….my son Fintan devoured the whole bag of doughnuts within minutes of my arrival home.


Later on Friday we met the kids from St. Patrick’s N.S, Ballyroan.  I really enjoy doing the ‘meet and greet’ outside the schools. The children are full of enthusiasm for the election and they love to meet the candidates in the flesh.  It’s a measure of the interest that parents and teachers impart that our young people are so civically engaged.  I must admit it’s a bit hard to keep your feet on the ground when lovely young school girls come up to tell you that they “love you.”   But being viewed as an object of affection certainly makes a change from acting as a ‘shock absorber’ on the doorsteps’ of irate constituents!