Government cannot articulate hope for the future

Senator Joe O’Toole, when he was speculating in the Seanad yesterday, about whether one of our current problems is that the Government is trying to censor debate, may have been right, but it is more likely that the Government does not know what it would say if such a debate took place.

It manifestly has no plan and no basis for hope. That is the problem. It could outline that there will be pain, which we all know must be borne, but it could also present the possible gains. That should be a part of the role of politics and leadership. People need to take pain because of economic mismanagement and there is also the international context, but there must be hope that there will be gain in the future.

The Government appears incapable or paralysed in some way. It has been unable to articulate any sense of hope for the future. It is punctured with division and paralysed in terms of policy or offering leadership. That is why there has been no debate in this House. I do not expect we will have such a debate.

We have been calling for it for months and I expect some response from the Leader but I doubt we will get the sort of debate we are seeking. I am beginning to think we are wasting our breath in calling for that sort of debate.

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