Launching a World-First Energy Efficiency Standard

Introduction of New Energy Standard will Save Businesses Millions on Investment Projects

Today’s launch of the IS 399 energy efficient design management standard, by Labour Ministers for Energy Alex White and Minister of State for Business and Employment Ged Nash, marks the achievement of another commitment in the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs 2014.

The formal launch of the new Irish management system standard, developed in a partnership between the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) and National Standards Authority Ireland (NSAI), marks the completion of action 297 in the Action Plan for Jobs, which committed the Government to develop “an Irish Standard on energy efficiency design methodology to support the development of the green economy and further improve industry energy consumption efficiencies.”

Speaking at the launch this afternoon, Minister White said: “This new standard is the first of its kind anywhere in the world, and it will reinforce Ireland’s position as a global leader in energy efficiency standards. The Government’s prioritisation of energy efficiency, in industry and in the home, is supporting jobs and economic recovery while helping us to reduce carbon emissions that are so damaging to our planet. Every euro we save through energy efficiency is a euro less leaving the country to pay for imported fuel and a euro more to sustain jobs here at home.”