Major Reform of Landlord Tenant System


I’m delighted that the landlord tenant system will be reformed with an initiative for a deposit protection scheme and stronger provisions against anti-social behaviour in the private rented sector.

Many more people are renting. In fact, over 12,000 dwellings in Dublin South are rented. These changes will empower people who rent and also those who live beside residential residences that are rented.

The deposit protection scheme will ensure that deposits are managed in an independent and fair manner. Many people who rent have difficulties securing the return of their deposit. This can be very stressful and adds an unnecessary layer of conflict in the renting system. Under this new scheme an independent operator will hold and return tenant deposits.

Approval was also granted by the Government to enhance provisions against anti-social behaviour. Local residents associations or neighbourhood watch groups will now have the power to bring complaints to the Private Residential Tenancies Board. People will no longer have to raise issues of anti-social behaviour with tenants. Instead, residents will be able to raise problems directly with the landlord of the dwelling before taking cases to the Private Residential Tenancies Board.

I’d like to commend Labour Minister Jan O’Sullivan for her hard work in this area which will result in a fairer rental market for all.