New guidelines for book rental schemes could save parents up to 80%

I welcome the new guidelines brought forward this week by my Labour colleague, Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn TD, that could see significant savings for parents of children in schools operating a book rental scheme.

Textbooks are one of the most costly aspects of sending a child to school.

 Book rental schemes have been extremely successful in the areas that have introduced them.  In fact, Department figures show that parents can save up to 80% on the cost of new books by ensuring a book rental scheme is run in their school.

The Department of Education and Skills has worked closely with Barnardos, the National Parents Council and the St Vincent de Paul in drafting up these guidelines, with the aim of ensuring as many schools as possible are operating a Book Rental Scheme.  

I particularly pleased with the commitment from the Irish Educational Publishers Association to limit the publication of new editions, to maintain editions of books and ensure they are unchanged for at least six years. Books from these publishers will also be made available to Rental Schemes at substantial discounts.