Opening the mind

A conversation that will stay with me  

Tara St DART was all go before 8am this morning and it set us up nicely for the day. We travelled to Killester, then back to the city centre, out to Sundrive Road, on to the Kimmage Cross Roads (my own neck of the woods!) to canvass with Mary Freehill, down to Ranelagh for the commuter rush hour, canvassing nearby with Cllr. Dermot Lacey, and ending with Paul Gordon in Lakelands, Stillorgan.

A bonus of running a campaign is that you meet so many fantastic, engaging people. At mid-morning coffee in Killester I met Brendan, who handed me a flyer promoting his initiative: the ‘Opening the Mind Conversation Club’. They have a session on Thursday 23 May next in Malahide Library where participants will discuss three questions:

“What purpose does the daily reporting of recent court trials serve? Who benefits?”

“If there was one gift you could give to everyone in the world, what would it be?”

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe. (Albert Einstein). What do you think?”

A really terrific idea: get people together to grapple with challenging questions, creating an opportunity to listen, to engage, to “open the mind”.

The timing isn’t great for me but go along if you can next Thursday 23 May.

Quote of the day: It has to be Einstein’s one above (I’m on the side of the friendly universe people).