Will you come in for a drink?


The end is in sight. All candidates reach a point where they just want it to end, but are simultaneously haunted by the prospect that there is more to do. And there is always more to do.

Today was as frenetic as ever. But this afternoon I had a wonderful opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, canvassing in my old neighbourhood of Marino, where I spent my boyhood (my misspent youth was spent in Gracepark Heights Drumcondra, more of which below). Working through Marino with Cllr Jane Horgan-Jones and Senator Aodhán O’Riordáin I met some of the old neighbours who remembered me as a chisler, and also my family.

After a pitstop in Raheny with Shane Folan we proceeded to the Ma’s house in Gracepark, and went around the estate. I touched base with many of the families who remain stalwarts there. My most memorable encounter was with Bill Gibson, our now 96 year old neighbour who gave me a lovely warm welcome at the door. Bill reminded me that he had worked with Jim Jr and Denis Larkin, and spent time on the executive of the Workers Union of Ireland, a trade union of which I was also a member. This sprightly 96 year old called to mind the great and honourable tradition of working class organisation in the cause of Labour, a party that has always put collective interests and the values of equality and solidarity before personal interest or personal profit.

Quote of the day, from Bill Gibson: “Will you come in for a drink?” (I reluctantly declined!).