Raining on my parade

Carrie Smyth was right in her text late last night: it would be raining hard this morning. We postponed our morning canvass at Shankill DART. It gave me some time to catch up on emails, and especially on requests from various organisations to sign campaign pledges. We have terrific support from our head office and research team but I still want to make sure I read each of them, and understand clearly the issues they are raising. It’s a good way for NGOs to promote their campaigns and get commitments from future MEPs. All part of this essential democratic process.

Trocaire and Social Justice Ireland had their hustings in the Mansion House mid-morning, with a good turnout of candidates taking refuge from the rain. I admired the way two closely-aligned agendas – climate justice and advancing equality – were combined in one meeting, really well moderated by journalist Mick Clifford. Global tax justice, the Stability and Growth Pact and ‘leaving it in the ground’ were amongst the questions we were asked to address.

Next stop Ranelagh. RTE were along to record for their Six-One package on Dublin. The rain was never far away for the rest of the afternoon but it didn’t get in the way of a strong canvass at teatime at Stephen’s Green LUAS.

Final stop tonight was to attend a function to celebrate three years progress of the exceptional community initiative ‘Imagine Dundrum’.

The halo effect: Nice to accompany Mary P. Corcoran at ‘Imagine Dundrum’ 

Quote of the day: the only person at home on an entire street in Ranelagh who leaned out her upstairs window saying “I’m working to a deadline, I’ve no time to talk to you”.